Solar Water Heaters:
It uses the sun’s rays and heats the water. It not only just heats the water which is possible even if you keep a bucket of water in the Sun, but it also preserves the heat in the water overnight to be used the next morning. It does this with the help of different elements like vacuum in the collector tubes and PUF insulation around the hot water storage tank.
Solar Electricity Generation:
Solar electric systems use photovoltaic modules that convert sun’s energy directly into electricity, which can be stored into batteries for later use – either as a DC supply system , like in out-door campus lighting or as our regular AC supply , like MSEBs to run all due existing devices like lights , fans, computers, TVs, microwaves etc. Since these solar electric systems require a not-so-insignificant investment, generally, important electric devices like lights, fans, TVS, PCs, those requiring less power are run on solar PV systems while devices that large consumers of electricity like Acs, Microwaves etc are best avoided.
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