Evacuated Tube Collector SWH

  • Works in Hard and Soft Water.
  • Vacuum tubes are hail tested giving it improved durability and reliability.
  • Available with electrical back-up ensuring 365 days of hot water supply.
  • Available in pressurized and non-pressurized types.
  • Triple layered Vacuum Tubes help absorb heat from solar radiation thus increasing system efficiency.
  • Works in areas of acid rains, sea-wind erosion by salt and bad weather.
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Product: 100ETC
Capacity: 100 LPD
Maximum No of Bathrooms: 2
Maximum No of users: 2
Product: 150ETC
Capacity: 150 LPD
Maximum No of Bathroom: 2
Maximum No of users: 4
Product: 200ETC
Capacity: 200 LPD
Maximum No of Bathrooms: 3
Maximum No of users: 5
Product: 250ETC
Capacity: 250 LPD
Maximum No of Bathrooms: 3
Maximum No of users: 6
Product: 300ETC
Capacity: 300 LPD
Maximum No of Bathrooms: 4
Maximum No of users: 7
Product: 500ETC
Capacity: 500 LPD
Maximum No of Bathrooms: 6
Maximum No of users: 10

Pressurized Evacuated Tube Collector Solar Water Heater:

Sometimes users may want to pump water into the solar water heater or pull the same from the system. This is done to maintain pressure of water at the utility level due to non-presence of gravitational pressure as a result of various reasons. The normal non-pressurized solar water heater cannot suffice this requirement and thus requires the special ‘Pressurized’ Solar Water Heater for the same.

to know more about the Pressurized ETC solar water heaters.

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