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Solar Water Heaters:
The most energy consuming unit of your household is now energy efficient through solar! Save on your power bills now!

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Getting a Solar Water Heater installed through SunBrio!

1 - Choosing the product: Choose from our range of Solar Water Heaters best suiting your site requirement. In case you have any trouble doing so, fill the form and let us guide you with it.
2 - Pricing: You will receive a quotation which includes the price for solar water heater only. Other costs incurred by you are also enlisted in this quotation, but will be charged as per actual.
3 - Payment: You will be provided with various online facilities for making payment to purchase our products. Once you make the payment, you will receive acknowledgements for the same.
4 - Site Inspection: As soon as we receive your payment, we schedule a site visit from our representative engineer. He will inspect the site where your solar water heater will be installed.
5 - Approval: You will then be provided with the complete quotation and your approval will be sought to proceed with the installation. Nothing will be initiated without your written approval.
6 - Delivery: The Solar Water Heater shall be delivered within 2 days at your location once we receive your approval and balance payment as quoted in the final quotation by our site engineer.
7 - Installation: The Solar Water Heater shall be installed at your site and made operational. This process generally takes 2-3 working days post which you will be able to use the hot water.
8 - Site Check: Post installation there will be a site check from our site engineer. If you have any discrepancies with the installation you can immediately inform him and get them rectified.
About SunBrio

What is the story behind SunBrio?
Our name ‘SunBrio’ refers the sun’s energy. We have only one aim, to help our consumers harness the pure energy of the Sun and save a lot more on the expenditure of conventional resources of energy. Our planet is our home, and it is time to save it. The Sun has been throwing abundant energy at us, and we are wasting our efforts on digging up the planet in search of polluting and costly sources of energy. It’s time to look UP and opt for the right path towards an energy efficient future.

What is SunBrio’s history?
We are a company established on 18th March, 2013. We we’re channel partners for the Government of India’s subsidy scheme of the year 2012 till 2014. We helped our clients avail the 30% subsidy on solar water heaters provided under the JNNSM Scheme. However, the subsidy scheme has been discontinued since the year 2014, but we still follow the principles and guidelines laid down by the ministry for providing the products to our clients.

We, SunBrio Energy Private Limited are a CRISIL Rated organization. We obtained a rating of 3C in our first financial year. For our second financial year, this rating was upgraded from 3C to 3B considering our improved performance. The need for obtaining this rating was no more felt as the subsidy scheme was discontinued. Hence we have not obtained any ratings further.

CRISIL Rating Certificates:
SunBrio Energy Private Limited

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Shivaji Nagar, Pune – 411004, INDIA.
Phone (India) : +91 99707 55688
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